Midwives Alliance of Hawaii (MAH) was founded as a domestic non-profit organization in May 1993 and was re-birthed in August 2011. We are currently working on becoming a 501(c)3 federally recognized non-profit.


MAH is pleased to work with all who are interested in midwifery as a standard of care for women and babies.


MAH provides families access to safe, quality midwives who believe that pregnancy and childbirth are healthy natural processes. 


Please join us as we work to further the art and profession of midwifery.


P.O. Box 241

Hau'ula, HI 96717

E: midwiveshawaii@gmail.com

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Please note that MAH has 2 levels of membership. Midwife Membership is for currently practicing or retired midwives who meet the ICM definition of midwife. This membership is a voting membership and dues are $50. You can read the ICM definition of a midwife by clicking here. All other members (students, birth workers who do not meet the ICM definition of midwife, and community memberrs) join at the Supporting Member level. This is a non-voting membership and dues are $25.
By becoming a MAH member at any level, you are agreeing to supporting MAH's purpose and to adhere to the MAH Special Circumstance Review (SCR) policy. The SCR policy is that in the case of a transfer or unfortunate maternal or infant health outcome, a special circumstance review will be held. This is a benefit of MAH membership and is a way to hold space for difficult or special birth circumstances that arise. It is an opportunity to learn, be self-reflective, and be supported in a structured way by our members.