MAH Public Meeting Response

MAH apologizes if there was a missed opportunity when we did not respond "Yes"when the group was asked are there any CPMs present who want legislation. A MAH board member who is a CPM was present at the meeting, and our understanding of our role was to listen and clarify questions regarding the agreement language. We believed it was understood that MAH supports licensure and we wanted to ensure other CPM voices were heard. We apologize if this created confusion about our position. If you have questions for CPMs who support licensure please comment below and we are happy to share our views and discuss further.

We want to thank everyone who attended the public meeting in person and online and appreciate all that you have shared. If you would like to share thoughts, comments, questions or concerns please email Elizabeth Kent at Meetingexpectationshawaii@gmail.com by Friday 1/19/18 afternoon. Elizabeth is a mediator who took minutes and will provide the minutes to reflect both in person and online participation. MAH will post them as soon as we receive them and hope this will guide continued discussions regarding licensure of midwifery.


Midwives Alliance of Hawaii (MAH) was founded as a domestic non-profit organization in May 1993 and was re-birthed in August 2011. We are currently working on becoming a 501(c)3 federally recognized non-profit.


MAH is pleased to work with all who are interested in midwifery as a standard of care for women and babies.


MAH provides families access to safe, quality midwives who believe that pregnancy and childbirth are healthy natural processes. 


Please join us as we work to further the art and profession of midwifery.


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